Welcome to the website of the Institute for Computational Science and Artificial Intelligence (COSARI).

COSARI was founded in October 2022 towards realizing the vision of the Van Lang University to become a leading research and graduate education center for computational science and artificial intelligence in Vietnam. At COSARI, we develop a unique and open research environment, to ensure experts in mathematical modeling, numerical simulation, computational science and artificial intelligence can work together effectively and achieve high productivity.

Our research activities are spread over a wide range of areas such as:

and other computational areas.

At COSARI, each research area is lead by senior scientists which have many publications in international journals listed in the ISI database. We have continually developed and expanded our research directions to ensure the competitiveness for publishing ISI journals in the narrow disciplines and we welcome partners who have the demand for cooperation to build together new capabilities and enhance existing strengths.

In the present stage of development, in addition to continuing to promote basic research and soft transfer through postgraduate education, we look forward to promoting hard transfer activities through the development of long-term relationships with industry partners, including multinationals and local small and midsize businesses, to ensure that our R&D activities are always in focus and in line with the actual needs of the society. And through these transfers, we look forward to contributing effectively to Vietnam’s economic growth.

The core values of COSARI are Morality, Will, Creativity, Pioneers, Serving to ensure our commitment to quality, trust, and efficiency. We maintain the spirit of cooperation, openness, and mutual support from each member’s contribution to the overall development, from which to develop, and exploit the potential and creativity of the members.

Please take a moment to visit our website to learn more about our scientists, their research, and their projects. We believe you will find this site useful site and we appreciate your feedback.